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2020 Office Design Trend Predictions

2020 has arrived !it’s time to take a closer look at the new and exciting trends that could dominate the office design world for 2020. 

Communication, wellness and creativity look set to claim the spotlight, with fully customisable, interactive and fluid design features – allowing offices to become productive and healthy places to be. 

Here are a few more of the key office design trends to watch out for this year. 

Eco-friendly fabrics & materials

With the world’s attention turning more and more towards sustainability, we’re certain to see an increase in organic and sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, jute, bamboo and recycled wood. Many of the materials will also be repurposed, recycled or obtained from sustainable sources. 

Outdoor spaces 

Fresh air and natural light can improve productivity, boost happiness and ensure the workforce is as healthy as it can be. That’s why interior designers look set to focus more on transforming more outdoor spaces into fully functional workplaces in 2020 with more innovative spaces and layouts. 

Private working spaces 

Although open-plan offices have been popular for the last couple of decades, it looks like the popularity of private working spaces will continue to grow over the coming year. This comes down to an increased emphasis on customer privacy as well as an awareness that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to modern office design. If a business wants to get the most from their employees, they need to adapt to the unique skills, personalities and working preferences of each staff member. Expect to see more pods, booths, private offices and high-backed furniture that allows quiet space for more focused work. 

Contrasting colours 

Ready to be brave? Are you eager to push the boundaries when it comes to using colour in your office space? 2020 could be your year. We’re likely to see greater experimentation with bright and clashing colours, which are complemented by rich natural textures. Colours such as champagne, navy blue, golden yellow, olive green, light pink, dark red, charcoal and mango also look like winners for the coming year and can really allow you to express your brand personality and company philosophy with your office interior. 

Inclusive workspaces

As offices become increasingly diverse, office design in 2020 will continue to work hard to ensure that every employee feels safe and comfortable in their workspace and better able to achieve their best – regardless of age or ability.

Wellness zones

You could say that wellness has taken centre stage in office design over the past few years and this doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down in the coming years. As both large and small businesses recognise the need to take care of their employees, expect to see welcoming spaces that blend work and play. This includes choosing ergonomic furniture and adding meditation rooms, yoga spaces, rejuvenation zones, games rooms, kitchens, communal spaces and relaxation areas. Even if the office is small and the budget is even smaller, there are still many opportunities to support your staff so they can achieve their best. 

Flexible spaces

Office space also looks set to become even more flexible in 2020 with more adaptable, user-friendly storage solutions, greater integration of technology and multi-functional furniture. This allows any business to maximise the potential of their premises – no matter how large or small – and get the most from their team.

2020 office design will continue to be innovative, exciting and inclusive. With a greater emphasis on the environment, wellness, flexibility, outdoor spaces, private offices and inclusivity, there’s never been a better time than now to design your office and provide your team with exactly what they need to perform at their best. 

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