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Brighten Up Your Office With 2018’s Colour of the Year

The 2018 Pantone Colour of The Year has been named as PANTONE 18-3838 or, to put it in more familiar terms, Ultra Violet. Here we discuss why using Ultra Violet in your offices might benefit your business by lifting morale, increasing productivity and improving the wellbeing of your staff. Naturally, it runs much deeper than just a simple coat of paint.

The Real Importance of Colour

Deciding on colour schemes for your place of work shouldn’t merely be a matter of personal choice and artistic temperament. Of course, these things are important, but when there is an entire branch of science devoted to getting colour right, it would be foolish not to take that science into consideration.

The part that colour plays in the psychology of the individual cannot be underestimated. Our immediate environment influences our brain and can affect our thinking, emotions and behaviours. The colours we’re surrounded by can calm or stimulate our minds and make us feel more focused or more creative.

Colour can change our feelings or heighten feelings we’re already experiencing. It can impact our mood positively or negatively. Colour has also been shown to have an important role in increasing productivity, which is a key reason for its significance in workplace design.

Why the Pantone Colour of The Year Is Significant

The Pantone Color Institute forecasts global colour trends and gives companies colour advice in many different areas. This includes brand identity, product development and marketing.

Recognised throughout the world as the leading authority on the science and philosophy of colour, Pantone’s work on colour comprehension is invaluable for printers, architects, fashion designers, artists and, of course, interior designers. So, when they announce their colour of the year, people tend to sit up and listen.

Why Ultra Violet and How Might It Fit into Your Office?

Pantone describes Ultra Violet as complex, contemplative and provocative. It communicates ingenuity, originality and a kind of visionary thinking that is highly suggestive of the future. With its echoes of the infinite night sky, it speaks of the mysteries of the universe and our fascination with what lies ahead. So, how might you incorporate it into your office environment?

If you’re feeling particularly bold, you might choose to paint an entire room in Ultra Violet. To make sure this doesn’t become overpowering, however, make sure that you balance out the colour with sublime oceanic blues, warming oranges or softwood finishes, creating an overall majestic look.

Ultra Violet is arguably at its best, however, when it’s used more sparingly. It’s particularly good for drawing attention to some of the less used sections of the office. An accent of ultraviolet in your flooring, sound masking panels or upholstery will draw your staff or visitors towards these spaces.

As it is tied to the ingenuity and creative thinking, Ultra Violet works particularly well in meeting rooms and conference rooms. It also pairs beautifully and dynamically with blue, so it can be used with great success in roof gardens or rooms with lots of large wraparound windows.

Ultimately, with a colour that’s so closely associated with playfulness and inventiveness, you’re limited only by your own imagination. So be creative and we’re sure your business will reap the rewards. If you’d like some help figuring out how you can incorporate 2018’s colour of the year into your office space, please give us call at Flow on 01922 453 488.

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