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5 signs your office needs updating

Trends in office design come and go. Some are superficial and are quickly superseded, others result in significant changes to office layout and working practices. The key is in knowing which trends have longevity and will make a real difference to how you work.

Flow Office are at the forefront of contemporary office design. We take a holistic and intelligent approach to workspaces, providing a complete design and furniture service to help companies get the most from their office. 

As working practices evolve, so do we, providing a service that meets the changing needs of companies as they move into a new era of hybrid working and flexible design.

If you are considering redesigning your office, either to meet changing needs or because it’s been some time since your last redesign, then there are some key indicators to look out for. Let’s explore these in a bit more detail.

1. Your office design no longer meets your needs

Over recent years, working practices have evolved considerably. Hybrid and remote working has become more widespread, with open plan offices falling out of favour. If your office is ill-suited for new modes of working, perhaps with space being underutilized or poorly laid out for your current circumstances, then it may be time for a redesign. 

If you’re increasingly aware that your office design is no longer up to the task, then Flow’s office design services can help. 

2. Productivity and focus are suffering

Poorly designed and dated offices are not conducive for productive and happy employees. While people can work around poor or dated design, it can impact on their productivity. Some spaces may not be optimised for the way in which teams work, and they may struggle to find the space for meetings or quiet space. 

If there isn’t adequate space for downtime, then staff may end up in the car park! Providing the right working spaces and the facilities people need during their working days can support a productive, creative and happy workforce. 

3. Your interior feels increasingly dated

You’ve noticed it, your employees have noticed it and perhaps even your clients have noticed it. Dated and tired interiors can reflect poorly on your business while making it harder for employees to feel any sense of pride in their workplace. This can ultimately impact on your staff retention levels and your ability to attract the best talent into your organisation.

Modern office interiors reflect changing workplace practices and inspire your team. At Flow Office, we’re experienced at breathing new life into office interiors, creating modern fresh offices that you can be proud of. 

4. Your design no longer reflects your brand image

If you’ve updated your brand to better meet the needs and expectations of your customers but haven’t updated your office interior, then it may be time to do so. As your company grows and evolves, your office requirements will change, as too will your branding. 

When clients visit your office they should find an office space that matches the brand identity of your company and doesn’t undermine it.

5. Your company has grown and developed

Your company may well have grown and developed over the years. What was once suitable for a small start-up is no longer ideal for a medium-sized company with ambitions to grow further.  

Updating your office space can be an integral part of your growth strategy, creating an office that meets your needs, reflects your brand and supports your ambitions for the future.

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