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Why Good Office Hygiene Matters and How to Improve It

Workplace hygiene has never been so much in focus. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses and other organisations to take a hard look at their hygiene practices. Helping to drive down the transmission of the virus is clearly important, but good office hygiene has a range of other benefits too. Let’s explore further…

Why is office hygiene important?

The workplace is one of the main arenas where all kinds of viruses spread. Winter colds, influenza and other illnesses can rapidly spread through the workforce. The resulting absences cost UK businesses millions every year. The current focus on sharpening up hygiene practices as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic may well also serve to reduce the transmission of other viruses.

Developing good hygiene practices makes sense from a business point of view with cleaner, healthier offices also tending to be happier spaces which can help to increase the productivity levels of your workforce.

Stepping up your cleaning schedule

Covid-19 means that the overall office cleaning schedule will need to be increased, allowing cleaners more time to thoroughly clean the office. As well as a greater level of professional cleaning, employees will need to take much greater personal responsibility for their own workstation, and other items.

The provision of hand sanitizing stations, anti-bacterial wipes, sprays and hand-gel should be stepped up. Everyone should be clear about their own role and responsibility for maintaining exemplary hygiene standards and reducing infection risk.

The dirtiest office items

There are some items in the office that gather dirt, germs, and bacteria more readily than others. Any office hygiene programme needs to ensure that particular attention is paid to them. These include:

  • The water cooler – the spigot of your average office water cooler is estimated to be home to a staggering 2.7million germs. This is often missed during regular office cleaning. With Covid-19, the shared water cooler may well become a thing of the past.
  • The fridge – we can’t control what’s placed in them, and people are often unwilling to clean up any spillages. Covid-19 will make most office fridges a no-go area.
  • Desks – a leading culprit when it comes to the spread of viruses in the office. They can harbour over 10 million germs and often get overlooked during cleaning. The days of sharing dirty desks are over. A scrupulous cleaning routine needs to be adhered to.
  • Keyboards – the average keyboard contains three times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Often forgotten, or neglected due to their perceived difficulty to clean, the keyboard is a major culprit when it comes to the spread of viruses in the office.
  • Telephones – shared office telephones have rapidly become a thing of the past due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Held close to our mouths, and all too often poorly cleaned they are a major cause of virus spread in the workplace.

Good office design aids good hygiene

A well-considered office design makes it easier to maintain good hygiene practices. Allowing plenty of space between workstations, easy movement around the office and easily accessible cleaning and anti-bacterial products help to embed healthy hygiene practices into office life.

At Flow Office, we can provide you with a range of Covid-19 office solutions such as social distancing furniture and bespoke interior design to ensure you are completely ready for the changes you need to make. Contact us today to find out more.

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