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How important is brand identity in your office design?

Every office space or workplace says a great deal about the business to which it belongs, and creating a workspace that communicates your brand effectively is essential. Encapsulating the message behind your brand in your physical environment can do wonders for your reputation, creating a buzz about your business that will ultimately drive revenue and make your company more successful.

Why internal branding is important…

When setting out to establish your brand identity in terms of your office design, it’s important to remember that both clients and employees play a part. Attracting and retaining great staff is crucial, so it’s clearly important that you carefully consider the principles and the philosophy on which your company is built and make sure that they are reflected in your physical space.

One of the best things you can do to boost your brand internally is to genuinely value your staff and make sure they feel valued every day. Investing in your staff not only increases job satisfaction and productivity, but it also improves brand loyalty. The happier your employees are, the more they value your organisation, and the more likely they are to become informal brand ambassadors, consistently representing your company with pride and positivity.

Branding your reception area…

The second a client enters your reception area, the design of your office begins to communicate your brand identity. So, it’s essential that you take advantage of this opportunity and make sure you’re telling the right story about your company.

It’s important that the reception desk, the colours and logos of the décor, the lounge furniture and the art work all convey your unique brand. Not only that, but your reception must also be welcoming and comfortable, perhaps more so than any other part of your office. This is where many first impressions are formed after all, so you must make sure you get it right.

The part that layout plays…

Layout can also play an important part in the overall branding of your business. Glass walls and clear partitions, for example, show how important openness and transparency are to your firm. Open-plan rooms with a lot of space meanwhile, speak volumes about a company’s interest in clear communication and collaboration, whereas a large space filled with cubicles conveys a very different message.

An emphasis on integrated technology points to an innovative environment and shows that you’re a cutting-edge and contemporary organisation that moves with the times, whereas displaying a lot of art is the perfect way to showcase your personality, as well as making it clear just what it is that interests you as a company.

A workplace with a strong brand identity not only creates an inclusive atmosphere where employees feel at home, but it also speaks to visitors the moment they enter your clearly and deliberately defined space. Using physical design to express your brand identity can dramatically improve the way in which staff, clients and potential investors perceive you.

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