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How Your Office Can Shape Customer Experience

A customer’s first impression of your company is crucial and from it, they will make a quick assessment of the service they are likely to receive. That first impression can make or break a customer relationship so it’s important that you get it right.

While the human factor is all-important, good customer service from the beginning is not the only variable to consider. Your workspace can also shape the customer experience.


First Impressions Matter

Research from Princeton University reveals that to a large degree we really do judge a book by its cover, making judgements based on visual impressions in less than a tenth of a second. Our brains are wired to quickly gather as much data as they can to form judgements that will help shape our responses to the people we meet.

As with people, so with companies. Your office design communicates a lot about you. It is a physical embodiment of your brand and it highlights your company culture. 

So, how do you shape the impressions that your customer has about your company and the overall experience they have?

Think About the User Journey

From the moment someone enters your building, perhaps via a reception, they begin a physical journey through your office space. It could be a space with which they’re not familiar. When a customer comes to your office what happens to them and how do they move about? 

In the current Covid-impacted office environment, this is more important than ever. Clear guidance on how you want a visitor to navigate your office is critical and will demonstrate that you’ve taken all the necessary measures to keep everybody safe.

Not only that. You will also want to ensure that the way they move through your office is simple and not unpleasant. Keep routes through your office layout clean, tidy and convivial. Think about greenery and colour schemes. Try to make it as friendly and welcoming as possible while at the same time being professional. 


Showcase Your Work

Your office design should showcase the best of what you do. Displaying awards of successful projects can catch the eye and reassure your customer that you know what you’re doing. It also shows that you take pride in your work and aren’t afraid to highlight it. 

Experience-Driven Spaces

One of the key office design trends over the last few years has been experience-driven spaces. These are workspaces that incorporate what might be considered leisure components such as coffee shops or meditation rooms. 

With the move towards more blended working patterns, these kinds of work/life spaces are likely to become common, giving employees a positive reason for coming into the office space. They are not just for employees, however. An experience-driven workplace can also be attractive to would-be clients. 

You can offer the use of your space to customers or make use of aspects of it such as a cafe to conduct meetings in a relaxed and informal way.


The Shape of Things to Come

Big changes are afoot in our workplaces aided by technology and changing employee and customer expectations. Creating attractive spaces for both the people who work there and their customers is the coming challenge. Are you ready for it?

If you need a helping hand or some guidance on how you can shape the customer experience in your workspace, contact Flow Office and their expert Birmingham office design team today.

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