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How to create an agile workspace

Flow Office is a specialist in office design and refurbishment, from project inception to completion. We create flexible and future-facing office environments that meet the changing needs of businesses and organisations.

We understand that evolving working practices need new approaches to office design. Agile workspaces are one such development.

What is an agile workspace?

An agile workspace definition will emphasize flexibility. To be agile is to be able to move quickly and adapt, and this applies to an agile workspace design. It’s a type of work environment designed around complete flexibility. In short, workers are encouraged to move freely around the office, where they’re able to make use of different spaces depending on their particular objectives at the time.

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What are the advantages of an agile workspace?

Agile workspaces are designed to increase productivity and overall happiness. It creates a free-flowing, well-thought-out environment that contains a variety of useful spaces. Agile workspaces allow workers to decide where they want to work and where they will be the most productive. It gives them the freedom to choose where and when they do their best work, removing physical barriers between team members and enabling greater creativity.

Who might use an agile workspace?

Agile workspaces developed out of creative businesses where team working, brainstorming and greater flexibility have often been key to innovative approaches. They understood that if you wanted people to deliver game-changing work then they would need a workspace that facilitated it.

Over recent years a wider range of companies has adopted agile workspaces, recognising the benefits they can deliver. They can help companies overcome staid working practices and encourage a more creative, collaborative and ultimately innovative workplace. Agile workspaces allow longstanding problems to be solved and new insights to be delivered.

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How do you create an agile workspace?

There’s no single template for an agile workspace with their design and layout reflecting their different needs. While agile workspaces are designed for collaboration, they also need to be flexible for employees to enable them to work alone when needed.

Agile workspaces should facilitate the easy shift between different areas and modes of working. For instance, an agile workspace might include an open plan area, as well as quieter spaces for solo work or two-person meetings.

Office furniture has now been adapted to meet the needs of agile workspaces. Most manufacturers offer mobile seating, tables, and booths, all on heavy-duty castors so that furniture can be reconfigured with ease to create new areas and zones.

Breakout spaces also allow for workers to take a break from work, or to have informal meetings and discussions. Resources areas are dedicated to the materials and other tools that workers need and touch down spaces allow for short bouts of productivity either alone or with others while working on a specific project.


Let Flow Office design your new agile workspace

At Flow Office, we place innovation at the heart of everything we do. We can help you create an agile workspace that meets your particular needs. Our office design process begins with developing a full understanding of your priorities taking into account all of your budgetary and practical requirements.

As our name suggests, we place high importance on flow; something which aligns closely with an agile workspace where people should be able to move seamlessly between spaces to enhance their productivity and creativity.

To find out more about our approach to office design and how we can help you create an agile workspace call 01922 453 488 or email today.

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