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The Dos and Don’ts of Festive Office Decoration

The days are getting shorter, the weather is turning cold and damp, and we all need something to lift our spirits. Giving your office a festive Christmas makeover can be one way to do just that. A festive office is a break from the norm, bringing a little mid-winter colour and light into working life.

There’s more to the Xmas office than a sad string of fairy lights and a seen-better-days Christmas tree. It can be a way to reflect your brand, provide an attractive space for visitors and employees alike, and create the right atmosphere. 

Christmas and other seasonal events help to build community and strengthen relationships, and in the workplace that’s no different. 


How to decorate your work office for Christmas

Decorating your office for Christmas is different to how you decorate your home. While you’ll want to sprinkle the festive magic, it is still a place of work. You’ll need to ensure that people can still move freely around the space without the risk of bumping into Christmas decorations. 

A Christmas tree is a great place to begin and worth investing in. If you have a lobby or entrance foyer, an attractive, tastefully decorated tree can create a great impression with clients and other visitors. Attention to detail on your showpiece Christmas tree can reflect well for your brand and create the right perception that you will go the extra mile in other areas of your work.

Workstations and desks can be decorated but try to avoid too much clutter. Think well-placed fairy lights and tinsel.

Break-out areas and spaces for employees to take time out during the day can be turned into festive spaces during the build-up to Christmas. They can also be spaces where cards sent to the company can be displayed, and employees can gather for informal Christmas events, be that a drink and a mince pie at the end of the last day of work, or Christmas carols. 


Working space with minimal Christmas Decorations

Decorating your office on a budget

The good news is that Christmas decorations are relatively inexpensive, with plenty of options available in supermarkets and other discount stores. Alternatively, why not encourage employees to make their own decorations for their desks or to bring in something from home? This can be a way for employees to personalise their space and create a work-family ambiance


What if you’ve only got a small office?

No matter the size of your office you can still find space for a few decorations. In smaller spaces it’s sometimes helpful to think in terms of classy and understated, choosing a few select items to make the space more attractive and festive. 

Christmas wreaths, a small tree, and a carefully chosen colour scheme can help you make the most of your small office. Too much decoration in a smaller space can turn your office from a place of work into a festive grotto so try and rein yourself in if you think it’s going a bit over the top!



Escaping the festivities

For many people, Christmas can be a stressful or difficult time and some employees may value having a space to retreat to where the festivities aren’t front and centre. Before you decide to decorate your office consult your employees about their own feelings about Christmas. If employees would prefer not to have too much Christmas in the office, then perhaps concentrate your decorating efforts on public spaces, allowing a Christmas-free zone for employees elsewhere.


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