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The Importance of Breakout Areas in Offices

Office breakout spaces are a key part of modern office design and are likely to grow in importance as a result of changes to the way we work brought about by Covid-19.

What is a breakout area, why are they so important and what role does office breakout furniture play in making them a success?

What Are Office Breakout Spaces?

A breakout area is any space within an office that is removed from the usual working area. It can have a variety of functions. It might be somewhere for employees to eat their lunch, relax or perhaps hold informal work-related chats. It can be a place for staff to meet new clients or members of the public in a relaxed environment, or even play games.

Breakout spaces allow for spur of the moment meetings and creative engagement, somewhere removed from the usual working environment where ideas can be exchanged and constructive working relationships can be fostered.


Why Are Office Breakout Spaces Important?

It’s essential to give employees a break from their computer screens in order to comply with office health and safety laws. These require that staff take regular breaks from their workstations if computers are being used.

Many smaller companies, particularly where space is limited, may feel that a breakout area is a luxury they can’t realistically afford. However, this may be a false economy, which can impact employee productivity and performance overall.

Break out areas can help to support good office morale, aid creativity and encourage problem-solving so they’re certainly a worthwhile investment.

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How Do You Make a Breakout Space Work?

As well as an intelligent choice of space, successful breakout areas need the right office breakout furniture. This can range from chairs around a central table, places for lunch to be eaten, or soft furnishings such as tub chairs or sofas.

The key question to ask is what you would like the breakout area to achieve? Is it a place to relax and take a vital time-out from a busy working environment? In which case, think of softer furnishing and other elements such as plants that help generate a sense of calm.

If you’re looking to create an informal office meeting space, then you may need something more structured, such as multipurpose chairs and tables for your breakout furniture.


Create a Perfect Breakout Space for Your Business

Whatever the size of your business and the space you have available, Flow Office can help you create an office breakout space that meets your needs, no matter how complex.

For example, we recently worked with Lightbox, a dynamic digital agency based in Birmingham, where a soft seating and games area were included in the design.

At Hive360 we created a vibrant, modern design that reflected the company values, including informal meeting zones and a rustic breakout area.

Flow Office are the experts when it comes to innovative office design. We use the latest technology to create and refurbish functional and stylish office spaces for our clients. We work closely with our clients and their teams to develop modern, fresh working environments that promote wellbeing and aid staff retention.

To find out more about how we can incorporate a breakout area into your office that helps you achieve your business objectives, call 01922 453 488 or email sales@flowoffice.co.uk today.

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