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Successful Office Design Tips for 2020

Designing an office space that boosts productivity, allows optimal creativity and ensures your team stays happy and healthy is no mean feat.

It’s vital to consider factors such as space planning, ergonomics, lighting, aesthetics, branding and the needs of your employees if you want to create an office which brings the best from your team.

Here’s a handful of tips that can help:


Add a splash of colour to your office design and you can bring things up to date and refresh the space.

Look towards key trends such as the Pantone Colour of the Year.

For 2019 this is Living Coral (16-1546); a bright, vibrant and sophisticated colour that reflects trends for eco-consciousness and emphasises a desire to protect the natural world.

Why not use bring this colour into your office space by painting a feature wall, adding colourful curtains, rugs and carpets, adding sophisticated diffuse lighting or even choosing artwork that incorporates this colour?


Natural textures are set to stay popular in office design for the rest of 2019 and well into 2020.

Consider bringing touches of wood, metal, textiles and stone into your working space to add an eco-friendly touch which coordinates well with any interior. Experiment with your existing office design and see what works for your unique space.


Boost your employees’ comfort and boost productivity by including comfortable, ergonomically designed furniture such as chairs, desks, keyboards, monitors and phones in your office design.

Remember to consider communal areas such as reception and meeting rooms and ensure breakout furniture is also comfortable and supportive.


Balance natural light with artificial lighting to create a space which helps your employees to create their best work, avoids eye strain, headaches and migraines and reduces the risk of suffering from mental health problems.

This is especially important during the winter months when natural light is limited. It can also help you save money on your electricity bills and do your bit for the environment,

Working space

Excellent office design in 2020 requires a blend of open plan and private working spaces that help support the needs of your employees, boosts their natural creativity and allows their talent to shine.

Consider if you could streamline your storage spaces, improve the layout of your office, remove non-essential pieces of furniture, and add booths or alternative spaces that help boost productivity and profit.


Adding personal touches from home can help your employees stay creative, motivated and happy.

This includes more than just bringing photographs from home. You can also provide opportunities for your employees to tailor colour and other elements of working space to better suit their needs and feel more welcoming.


Climate change and sustainability remain key topics for 2019 and beyond, so consider how you could incorporate environmental awareness into your office space.

Instead of single-use plastics such as disposable cups, could you add real branded mugs and cups that coordinate with your colour scheme or design? Could you incorporate your recycling bins in a stylish way?


A productive and happy workforce isn’t just about getting those boxes ticked. It’s also important to take care of your employees.

Consider how you could support their wellness by including features like gyms and yoga studios, provide better access to healthy snacks like fresh fruit, plants, include elements of the natural world and use ergonomic design to boost health, comfort and maximum wellbeing.

These days, successful office design means that you make the most of your spaces and use the right furniture that helps support the health, happiness and productivity of your individual employees and your team as a whole.

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