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Using New Technologies to Help Improve Your Office Hygiene

Humanoid robots who whizz around our homes and workplaces cleaning up after us might still be the preserve of science fiction, but that doesn’t mean technological development isn’t bringing real changes. 

When it comes to office hygiene, innovations are making office hygiene more efficient, easier and affordable. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated research into a range of different technologies that should help to make offices safer and more hygienic. 

Here are some of the innovations that are set to change the face of our office designs and the commercial cleaning industry in a Covid world.

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Self-Cleaning Office Touchpoints

As well as proximity to colleagues, the biggest vehicle for virus transmission in the office are touchpoints. Door handles are the principal culprits, and even in an office interior where most people are being thorough with hand sanitiser, they still represent one of the biggest risks.  In response to this, you can now fit self-cleaning touchpoints to your door handles and door pushes. 

The self-cleaning door handle from Tweaq uses external sensors and an external aluminium magnetic ring. Every time the door is used, the sensors are activated. This then sends a signal to the printed circuit board to begin the disinfection process. Inside the handle itself is a small electrical engine, which powers the external ring over the handle. Inside the ring is a disposable sponge that contains an antibacterial solution, that is applied to the handle as the ring moves. So, no more relying on office users to remember to disinfect every handle after they’ve used it!

There is a range of competitor companies that are already working on different methods by which to self-clean regular touchpoints in the office. Watch this space!

Self Cleaning Door Handle

Artificial Intelligence

The real game-changer when it comes to office hygiene over the next few years is the gradual emergence of new artificial intelligence technologies. While these might not be a robot emptying the bins, it can help office managers keep track of just how clean a particular office, workspace or other facility is. 

Zan Compute’s Smart Facility Management Platform allows you to remotely monitor everything, from paper towel levels to odours from bins. You can track any hygiene incidents in real-time and ensure that areas are cleaned in between them being used. If hand sanitiser is in danger of running out at critical points in the building you can have someone on hand to replace it before it does. 

AI can even handle your ordering process, placing repeat orders for essential cleaning and hygiene supplies before you run out. 

Zan Compute Web Home Tablet

Human Staff Are Still Needed in Offices

Although we may well see robotic vacuum cleaners, drone window cleaners and smart software management systems making office cleaning more efficient and effective, technology is a long way from displacing human beings.

When it comes to office hygiene nothing can yet challenge a skilled, thorough and efficient cleaning team. 

Technological innovation is as much about enabling human staff to do a better job than it is displacing them. 

At Flow Office design Birmingham, we keep a keen eye on the technological solutions that will shape the way we will work in the future. For more advice about smart solutions and getting your office ready for this new brave world, speak to our expert team today.

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