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What does your office design say about your company culture?

It’s vital that we don’t underestimate the importance of great office design. When offices appear cluttered or unsightly, productivity and workplace morale can suffer, as can the reputation of your business. The best offices are those that support your employees to do their jobs well and impress visitors including clients.

Here is our take on how office design can reflect your company culture and what you can do if you’re not quite making the right impression currently.

A collaborative culture

It’s wise to incorporate a suitable number of informal and formal meeting spaces into your office premises, to support effective collaboration and teamwork. Energising, inspiring discussion areas can help your teams communicate, generate ideas and solve problems. Boardrooms and directors offices are normally best located on the perimeter of the workspace. Incorporating glass walls can help these spaces feel connected and enable the senior management team to view activities taking place.

Break rooms and mobile productivity

Make sure your break room is well-equipped. Providing decent facilities for your staff, including refrigerators and water coolers, shows your team that you value them and are willing to ensure they remain refreshed, so they can carry out their duties to the highest standard. Break rooms should be welcoming and provide valuable opportunities to recharge and catch up with colleagues. Office-based employees of today expect to have some flexibility about where in their office they work, so it’s a good idea to provide them with laptops and tablets so they can move around without productivity taking a hit.

A healthier workplace

Increasing numbers of employers are providing their staff with gyms and wellbeing rooms, to support their physical and mental health. Sit-stand desks have become increasingly popular over recent years, with more employers acknowledging the health risks of all-day sitting. Bringing nature into the office through biophilic design and ensuring there is plenty of natural is also important for employee wellbeing.

Strike the right balance

Every part of your office tells a story. A messy, disorganised office will give visitors and employees a negative perception of how your company is run and reduce focus and concentration. Whereas, an organised and aesthetically pleasing office will help create an efficient and productive environment that portrays a professional, well-coordinated company. It is, however, important not to go too far when it comes to minimalism, as offices without character can seem very stale, unwelcoming and clinical. Do whatever you can to strike the perfect balance between mess and minimalism in order to create the ideal workspace for prosperity, productivity and morale. Don’t hide personal belongings from view completely – without at least some evidence of such items, offices can start to feel inhumane and cold.

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