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Boardroom Planning Checklist

Boardroom Office Design

Although most of the hard work gets done in the main office area, at individual workstations, equally crucial to the successful running of any business is the time spent in boardrooms and meeting rooms. In light of this, a comfortable, stylish and painstakingly well-equipped meeting room facilitates smooth, persuasive communication, so getting it right can mean getting ahead. Our Meeting Room Checklist will help you get it right…

There is a lot to be considered before work begins on transforming your company meeting rooms. Your first question should concern the tone of the room. Is it going to be especially formal? What kind of meetings will take place there? How much space will you have and how many facilities will you need to fit in there? 

Space is often a serious issue with SMEs and in many cases, the same room may have to cover a number of eventualities. It’s not unusual for one room to accommodate ordinary internal meetings, board meetings, presentations to clients, training sessions and video-conferencing. It might also be regularly used for social functions. Therefore, the allocation of available space, along with a fair amount of flexibility, is of the utmost importance. 

Your meeting rooms reflect your firm’s personality and whatever that personality is – whether it’s traditional, conservative and dignified, or contemporary, dynamic and quirky – at Flow we make sure that every detail is practical, stylish and consistent with the overall tone. Working through our Meeting Room Checklist ensures that nothing is forgotten and that the finished design and décor is wholly conducive to a positive atmosphere and good business

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