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Breakout Planning Checklist

Breakout Checklist

In the modern working environment, where so many people spend the vast majority of every working day sat in the same chair and staring at the same screen, it’s essential that they have access to a space that’s completely removed from that. This is why the breakout area is becoming increasingly important to modern companies who understand the value in keeping their staff refreshed and replenished…

As general guidance for a healthy approach to work in the modern office, the Health and Safety Executive suggest that it’s much better for office workers to take short breaks more frequently, rather than longer breaks not so often. It’s better to tear yourself away from your screen and your desk for around 10 minutes out of every hour, rather than for half an hour out of every three. With more and more companies encouraging this kind of approach, the idea of creating an optimum break-out area is becoming more popular.

A great break-out area needs to be designed with a number of different functions in mind. First of all, it needs to be a place where staff can come to relax, rewind and refresh. Second, it should encourage informal collaboration, creativity and general brain-storming. Thirdly, it should be designed and decorated with the general health and well-being of all employees firmly in mind.

Employees with access to an accommodating breakout room, coupled with a culture of regular breaks, consistently report noticeable reductions in levels of stress, which is naturally also good for business. So, it pays to get it right. And working through our checklist helps…

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