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Reception Planning Checklist

Reception Checklist

When it comes to first-time visitors to your company, there is no part of your entire building more important than your reception area. It’s completely true that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so as well as making sure you have the most charming and professional staff, you also need to ensure the reception itself gives exactly the right impression. To help you with this we’ve prepared a reception checklist, so that nothing is left to chance…

 When you meet someone for the first time, you look them in the eye and smile as you shake them firmly by the hand and introduce yourself. Any other approach would suggest that actually, you’re not as pleased to meet this person as you claim you are. It’s exactly the same with your company’s reception area. This is where visitors to your business – potential clients, guests, collaborators or investors – meet your company for the first time. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to make sure the experience is a pleasant one. 

What makes the reception area even more important is that it’s generally the only area where guests might potentially find themselves alone. Anywhere else in your building and other people will provide the focus – only in the reception area are guests likely to have the time to consider the space itself. As they wait, they will – consciously or not – decide how they feel about your business based on the design, layout and flow of your reception area.

This is why everything from the décor to the furniture to the presence of reading materials and drinks dispensers needs to be carefully considered. Our checklist will help make sure you get your reception area just right.

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