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Main Office Planning Checklist

Office Design Planning

The main office of your business is probably the most important space in the entire building as, let’s face it, it’s where all the really important work gets done. Therefore, you must make absolutely sure that your core staff are happy and comfortable, and this means figuring out a lot more than just which chairs to buy. For this reason, Flow Office have prepared a checklist to make sure you take everything into consideration….

 When it comes to designing and creating the perfect office space, meticulous planning is critical. At Flow, we know that the devil is in the details and even the smallest design element – something as simple as the fabric you choose for your office chairs, for example – can end up having a huge effect on the overall atmosphere of an office.

Great office design means happy staff and happy staff mean good work, ultimately improving productivity and contributing to the overall success of your business. Great office design reflects the personality of your company and of your brand, making a statement about how you like to work and who you are. It’s worth remembering that the average adult spends more than half of their waking life in an office, so it’s absolutely essential that as well as being functional and conducive to work, it’s also a welcoming and nourishing environment.

Our Main Office Planning Checklist reflects the level of planning you should be aiming for, highlighting everything from the position of radiators, aircon units and data sockets, to making sure that every member of staff has exactly what they need, exactly where they need it.

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