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Office Fit-Out or Refurbishment Checklist

Office Fit Out Checklist

There are few jobs so exacting as an entire office fit-out or refurb. Frankly, there is so much that can go wrong with such a large, all-encompassing project that you need to be absolutely sure that the company you engage to take care of it all are really on top of the job from start to finish. At Flow, we have prepared an exhaustive checklist to make certain that no detail – no matter how small – is overlooked….

Fitting out an office from start to finish is really the biggest fitting job there is and it is therefore imperative that the project is meticulously planned from start to finish. Starting from scratch with an office space is also a great opportunity to make sure that your physical environment is an accurate reflection of your company’s personality and brand. Although there is a long list of things that you absolutely must achieve, there is also a great deal of freedom in exactly how you achieve them. Making the whole thing a lot easier is Flow’s comprehensive checklist.

Our full fit-out or refurbishment checklist covers everything you need to consider before beginning such a project. It covers the actual layout of the office space, which means figuring out the positioning of partitioning, including walls and doors, plus what materials they will need to be made from. It also includes essentials such as ceilings and flooring, as well as heating, cooling and ventilation. Then there are all the questions concerning your electrical system, which includes not only lighting, but also technology and entertainment.

When you add in door furniture, blinds and windows, security and legal compliance issues, you can see that our full fit-out checklist leaves absolutely nothing to chance.

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