Recycled PET Felt Desk Screens - Sustainable and Hygienic

100% Polyester Anti-Microbial Felt Foldable Screens

Recycled PET felt is an excellent sustainable option for desk screens because not only is it made from recycled bottles, it has an outstanding acoustic ability as well as having anti-microbial properties which reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. Available in a wide range of colours and customisable together with the ability to fold, this screen is an excellent option for storing and transporting for use at home or in the office. As we continue to adapt with hygiene measures following the Coronavirus crisis and beyond, these screens are perfect for staying safe at work. This is largely thanks to their anti-microbial properties which reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. View the brochure here.

Foldable Office Screens

Fabric desk screens and dividers are widely used around many different office spaces. As well as helping with hygiene during the covid pandemic, desk screens also help protect privacy whilst promoting a collaborative work environment.

Made from high quality recycled felt in a choice of colours and sizes, the screens can be assembled quickly and simply and can be just as easily disassembled or relocated without the need for any fixings or tools.

Benefits of Felt Screens

Felt screens are particularly beneficial thanks to their acoustic abilities. These desk separation screens provide the user with an isolated working space, even within busy work environments. This in turn reduces the transmission of germs and bacteria. Alongside the hygienic benefits, desk screens keep the user more focused and therefore improve productivity within workspaces. To summarise, the benefits include:

  • Hygienic
  • Private
  • Acoustic
  • Increase productivity
  • Make office spaces adaptable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Sustainable office furniture

Integrating with Office Furniture

Whether you are looking for fabric desk dividers to separate configurations of desks or separate desks that face each other, screens can be built as bespoke desk screens that will fit either the length or width of your desk. They integrate effectively with existing office furniture without the need for the upheaval of spaces.

Using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology, Flow Office design creates drawings of your office space with each member of staff’s office furniture needs and requirements in mind, even including the smaller details such as desk screens. We then fine-tune these drawings until we have the perfect furniture plan for office spaces. Having the right office furniture in the right place makes for a happier, more conducive work environment, increasing office morale, which in turn increases overall productivity and ultimately, profitability.

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