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3D Office Space Planning

3D Office layout planning

Technology has made planning new offices so much easier than it used to be and Flow’s team of expert designers use all of the very latest developments in 3D space planning to make sure no time is wasted in arriving at the perfect plan for your new workspace. Using computer-aided design software, we’re able to show you exactly what your new office will look like with a few clicks of a mouse. Get in touch with us today to start your journey.

Space Planning Software

Computer-aided design software has proved a real game-changer when it comes to the ability of clients to visualise what their new workspace might eventually look like. Gone are the days when the best you could do was rely on uninspiring architectural blueprints and your own imagination. Now you’re able to see 3D, photo-realistic representations of exactly how your office will appear once the work has been done.

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At Flow Office, we use a variety of different design programs, making sure we provide all our clients with the very best in 3D-rendered visual aids, allowing you to experience the space virtually and giving you a clear awareness and understanding of the various design elements and how they will translate into real life.

What’s especially inspiring about this technology is that it allows you to have as much input into the overall design of your new office layout as you like, allowing you to interact with the plans and make the changes you require till the plans fit perfectly with your vision. What’s also great is that 3D Space Planning is included as standard in Flow’s overall interior design package, so you’ve no need to worry about any sneaky hidden costs.

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