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Social Distancing Office Flooring

Flow office is pleased to be able to offer Interfaces new ‘Social Distancing’ Flooring tiles on our future projects. With the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic continuing, this flooring is a forward-thinking and innovative solution for offices looking to return to work in a safe and sensible way. View the social distancing furniture brochures that Interface have provided with further information about their flooring here.

View some of the amazing range below!

Biophilic Wall Coverings

Biophilic wall coverings are a great way to enhance the workplace and get your staff’s creative energy flowing. Proven to increase productivity, improve the mood of employees, reduce stress and improve the overall wellbeing of the workplace, they have become the must-have design feature in any commercial workspace over the last few years.

Flow Office offers a range of office design and interior solutions including moss, living walls, rust wallpaper, cork and wool walls which are great for acoustics and brick panelling. Get in touch with us today to find out about your options.

cork bark wall interior design

Inspire your team

One of the best ways to improve well-being, staff retention and productivity in the workplace is to update your office interiors. At Flow Office, we have considerable experience when it comes to breathing new life into our clients’ spaces and can work closely alongside you to develop a modern, fresh working environment you can be proud of.

Talk to us today to find out more about our office interior design services. We are one of the most in-demand office fit-out companies in the West Midlands and can make your office environment more inspiring, more colourful and more in line with your employees’ expectations. We can do all this whilst remaining within your budget and deadlines for completion.

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Modernise your space

We can help you update your office flooring, furniture, walls and more. Our office designers have countless ideas for revitalising business premises and can come up with something that perfectly matches your budget, company size and future goals as well as the way you do business. We can also help you source suitable ergonomic furniture to prevent aches and pains, adjustable chairs and desks, digital wallpaper and more. Office booths, break-out areas and pods have become increasingly popular over the years and we can help you integrate these fantastic features into your office space.

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A deeper insight

Our designers use various technologies including Computer-Aided Design and 3D space planning to show you how your office plans will translate into real life. Rest assured, we aim to cause the minimum disruption possible when we implement the plan, irrespective of how ambitious and complex the designs might be.

Why Choose Flow Office Birmingham?

We are office design and fit-out specialists, with many years of expertise. We showcase:

  • A multitude of office projects
  • Over 50 years of total team industry experience
  • Creative office solutions
  • Bespoke made office fit-out services
  • Covid-19 office solutions

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Get in touch today to find out more about our office interiors services. We are confident we can deliver the exciting solutions you need to take your business forward. Find out more by sending an e-mail to or calling 01922 453 488.

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