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Office Wellbeing

We are passionate about creating environments that support mental health in the workplace and offer businesses the opportunity to make their employees feel safe and comfortable at work.

Office Wellbeing

Flow Office Ltd are specialists in office interior design, office fit-outs and office furniture solutions, with a focus on designing office spaces for the wellbeing of staff. This can be achieved in a number of ways by providing a workspace for every type of working from quiet spaces, collaboration zones, zoom rooms, meeting rooms and breakout areas with a focus on a tech-driven workspace.

Workplace Wellbeing

All of our office wellbeing solutions provide a seamless transition from home to office working. Adding in natural light, foliage and good ventilation will help improve employees general wellbeing, mental health and will improve productivity. Flow office specialises in a full turnkey solution, from initial concept design through to project completion, on time and on budget.

Workplace wellbeing is more important than ever with the movement towards working from home and a shift in approach towards office working. We have found that the consensus amongst employees returning to their office varies widely. While some workers are happy to continue working from home and don’t mind the lack of company, others are equally as desperate to return to the office and see people. This has forced businesses to consider taking a flexible approach towards what they allow employees to do in the way of working location. The most popular approach is to create a hybrid model, and so the importance of office and workplace wellbeing is imperative.


Wellbeing in the Office

We are passionate about creating environments that support mental health in the workplace and offer businesses the opportunity to make their employees feel safe and comfortable at work. Whenever we approach an office design project, we put wellbeing and accessibility at the forefront. Some of our favourite approaches are:

  • Varied and diverse workspaces
  • Natural lighting
  • Colour that has been thought through for office mental wellbeing
  • Letting the natural world in – think plants and creative art features
  • Thermal wellness and ventilation
  • Space, fun and comfort crafted to be suitable for every work scenario

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Within the office, a hybrid approach means offering many different kinds of workspaces to your employees. This can include anything from dedicated desks in a large space to smaller private areas for focused work or sensitive conversations. A popular office design is to create spaces that are designed specifically for collaboration with those in the office, but also those outside of it. The office shouldn’t just be a place to work, it should be a space to thrive and progress.

Home Office Wellbeing

Although many people are working in the office now, there is still a large proportion of workers who will be working from home either permanently or part-time. Flow Office provides office furniture solutions for every business, whether you need bespoke desk chairs, desks or storage solutions for employees at home.

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Whilst there are perks to home office working, the importance of workplace wellness is ever more important, with opportunities to speak to people less readily available. Mental health in the workplace is becoming much more widely understood and spoken about and it is only getting more important. To make sure you are promoting steady mental health as a business, we recommend:

  • Checking in regularly with your employees
  • Encouraging open conversation
  • Promoting a healthy work-life balance
  • Scheduling regular team meetings
  • Providing collaborative platforms and tools
  • Providing mental health training

Flow Office Wellbeing Design Solutions

To find out more about integrating and promoting workplace wellbeing with your office design, get in touch with Flow Office today. We can design office spaces and environments that will deliver all the practicalities you need in the workplace, as well as focusing on the wellbeing of your staff. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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