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At Flow Office, we believe an amazing office interior can transform your business. An office fit out can boost productivity, motivate staff and be somewhere your team can be proud of.

What Is an Office Fit Out?

An office fit out generally involves everything in a new office interior from start to finish. It is the process of making an interior office space suitable for occupation. With this, it can include the electrical, mechanical, decorating and furnishing undertaken by the tenant leasing the space from a developer or landlord.

The term fit-out is often used in relation to a new building or room, where the construction is completed by a developer. From here, an office fit-out is best undertaken by an external interiors company that will project manage the entire process taking the stress away from the company owner/manager. Often with the complexity of fit-outs, the work required is contracted by an external provider.

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What Is Involved in a Fit Out?

Carrying out an office fit-out requires a professional who understands your business needs and requirements. At Flow Office, we work with our clients every step of the way – from scoping out empty office spaces to the finishing touches and details.

From 3D concept design through to completion, the team at Flow will work on a detailed program of works to project manage the entire process, taking the stress away from the client. We manage all aspects of office fit-outs from Flooring, Partitioning, Air-conditioning, Electrics, Plumbing and finally the furniture and seating.

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Fitting to Different Interiors

Every office fit-out project is different depending on the style, size and shape of the building. There are different types and categories of office fit-out which include:

  • Shell and Core – The framework of the building is in place (e.g shell, electrics, gas and water) but it is just a shell that is ready for the actual fit out (e.g walls, ceilings, flooring and design)
  • Category A Fit Out – Covers the basics needed for an office to be functional but without the ‘finishing touches’ found in category B
  • Category B Fit Out – Installing anything that isn’t put in place in a Cat A fit out needed for an office to function, as well as the installation of a design aesthetic that enhances working life (e.g design and furnishings)

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Aspects to Consider

Before beginning an office fit-out project, there are important aspects to consider to ensure you will be able to see it through to the end and achieve the desired end result. These include:

  • Your budget and any contingencies
  • Who is involved in the project
  • The most important things that you want to get from your office
  • How you want your office design to make your team feel
  • The longevity of your space
  • The impact of Wellbeing on staff

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