Breakout Area Furniture

If your breakout area isn’t up to scratch, the consequences could be negative throughout your business. The fact is, your breakout area needs – above all else – to be a soothing, relaxing and neutral environment, necessarily distinct from the rest of the office. It’s a place for a company’s workforce to be able to take necessary breaks, so it needs to be comfortable. It also needs to look good.

Some of the greatest ideas are born away from the office desk, and so it’s essential that a breakout area is as inspiring as it is comfortable. It should offer much more than simply some soft seating in the corner of an office. If this important space is well-designed, it can increase productivity, encourage collaboration and generate new ideas and concepts.

When designing a breakout area, the first thing to think about is what its purpose will be. How do you want this space to be used? How many people will be using it? A breakout area can come in various formats, from casual meeting spaces for brainstorming to tranquil places where staff can unwind and rejuvenate away from their computer screens.

Breakout furniture to meet your needs

Flow offers a wide range of office breakout furniture to suit various needs and tastes. Whether you want brightly coloured seating that makes a statement or furniture that reflects your company’s corporate colours, we can cater to your vision.

When the time comes to embark on an office refurb that better suits the needs of your business, don’t make the mistake of neglecting your breakout area. Whatever the intended use of your company’s breakout area, it makes sense to use an experienced office interiors design team like Flow. We’ll work with you to create an inviting and peaceful space where ideas and concepts can flourish. We’ll place your staff at the heart of the design whilst ensuring that your business’s brand and values are reflected. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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