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The benefits of using collaboration furniture in the office

There are many benefits of using collaboration furniture in office environments, from improving communication to supporting ideas generation. Collaboration areas make it easier for colleagues and clients to work together. Companies that have invested in collaboration office furniture have seen rises in productivity, efficiency and workplace morale.

Fluid communication

Collaboration areas are a great way to improve communication between your employees as they provide spaces for face-to-face discussions away from the confines of desks and office distractions. They give colleagues from different departments a dedicated place to work together without needing to book a formal meeting room. This improved communication can support effective solution and ideas generation, problem solving and decision making. All of which support the success of your business.

Ideas generation

Stepping away from the desk and having a change of scene is often a good way to spark creativity and new ideas. Providing a range of seating options, such as benches, sofas and pods, enables people to choose an option that suits the type of discussion. Having a number of different styles of collaboration areas, from a relaxed café setting to an open project working area, will also keep it varied.

Greater flexibility

The ability for employees to move away from a fixed desk can enable them to shift their concentration and help them keep healthy. Long periods of sitting can take a toll on our bodies and be damaging to our health. Collaboration areas give employees the chance to move around, helping them keep healthy, alert and focused.

A stimulating environment

The more stimulating, varied and exciting you can make your workplace environment, the more motivated and productive your staff are likely to be. Collaboration spaces are a great way to achieve this. A modern, dynamic office will help you attract new talented employees and retain key staff. That’s why global giants such as Google and Apple invest so heavily in their workspaces.

Furniture Options

We can provide a whole variety of collaboration and multipurpose office furniture, from project tables to meeting pods to suit your business needs and budget.

Why Flow Office?

We have years of experience when it comes to creating and refurbishing inspiring work environments, whilst removing the stress and strain from rethinking your space. We use a range of technologies including CAD design technology and 3D space planning to bring your ideas to life and can provide you with furniture of the highest quality, including products designed with collaboration in mind. To find out more about the services that we offer, simply call us on 01922 453 488 or send a message to You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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