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Modern Office Design – What You Need to Know

Office design trends are always evolving. They change to take account of working practices and to better reflect current commercial needs. 

For obvious reasons, we’ve seen a lot of change over the last couple of years in modern office design and one of the exciting things about working in this industry is that it never stands still.

So what is modern office design, what are the features of a modern office, and how do you go about creating one?

What is modern office design?

Modern office design seeks to respond to the changing needs and preferences of today’s workforce. Whereas in the past, cubicles and open-plan offices were once the norm, they are rapidly being superseded by more human and relaxed spaces. 

Contemporary workers are now looking for workplaces that help them work effectively while providing a degree of comfort. Modern office design reflects changing working practices with the move towards flexible, hybrid and remote working being better catered for. 

In a nutshell, employers that can provide modern offices that reflect changing employee expectations are likely to aid their recruitment and retention efforts. 

biophilic office design

What are the features of modern office design?

Modern office design makes creative use of space, choosing furniture, lighting, integrated technology and natural elements to create relaxed and flexible spaces.  

Modern offices are multifunctional spaces that are able to adapt to different numbers of people within the office and their changing needs. The furniture will reflect this multifunctional aspect, enabling desks to be easily combined, with space for both teamwork and individual working. 

Collaborative spaces are crucial to the modern office, as to are breakout areas, allowing people to take time out or to hold more informal discussions. 

Integrated technology can make it easier for members of staff to shift between remote and in-office work. Integrated technology might include flat screens and furniture that includes voice and data connections. These can enable remote workers to participate and be seen during team meetings. 

Modern office design will also often incorporate green elements. This can be as simple as container plants and foliage, or green walls and dividers. 

Colour choices and visual design elements will also reflect contemporary trends and preferences for lighter and more naturalistic environments. 

A modern office is an effective office

Modern office design has a range of benefits for employees and employers alike. Attractive, practical spaces that support flexible working lead to greater productivity. They allow people to move between individual and collaborative work with ease and make it simple to shift between remote and in-office work. 

Modern office design creates healthier, happier offices reducing absenteeism and creating a better workplace atmosphere. Happier workplaces encourage productivity and better employee engagement.

Modern office design also places a focus on creating attractive as well as functional spaces that act as a showcase for your brand. 

When you invest in a modern office design, you’re adding value to your operation overall.


Modern office design from Flow Office 

At Flow Office Furniture & Interiors, we can provide a complete office design and installation service. We’re always keeping abreast of evolving trends in office design and can ensure that your office meets changing working practices.  

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