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How much does an office fit-out cost?

If you’re considering an office makeover and fit-out, then the cost will be a key factor. The overall cost of an office fit-out will depend upon a number of different parameters. While these will vary for every office, there are some common elements that will be important in making up your final total.

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What are fitting-out costs?

Office fitting-out costs will normally consist of a number of elements.  If needed, construction costs will also be a significant element of the overall price. This might include alterations to the building to accommodate the new design and layout. 

In addition to this, there may be dilapidation costs to consider. Dilapidation costs are those costs that may be required to cover deterioration in the overall appearance of the building during the length of any lease.

The furniture required will be the next biggest element of the cost and one of the most important decisions you will make.

Other costs to consider might include IT costs, utilities and services as well as any security measures to be introduced, strengthened or maintained.


What does a fit-out include?

A fit-out will vary depending on the requirements of the client and the existing layout and facilities in the space. It will also depend on the type of fit-out chosen. 

A Shell and Core fit-out is the most basic and is essentially the space as it was left by the construction company ready for adding essential amenities to make it suitable for use. 

Category A and Category B fit-outs are more extensive. 


What is the difference between a Cat A and Cat B office fit-out?

A Category B office fit-out is carried out in a space where the basic parameters such as external walls, flooring, ceilings, utilities and other building facilities are already in place. 

Essentially, it’s similar to moving into a new house, and then undertaking a programme of interior design with flooring, lighting, and decoration to make it into your own personal space.

It is more extensive than a Category A office fit-out which will only apply a basic finish to the floors, walls and ceilings, with no other fixtures and fitting included. Any meeting rooms, partitions, or other requirements will not be included. 

A Category B fit-out is sometimes known as a ‘full fit-out’.

What is a commercial fit-out?

A commercial fit-out describes readying the space for use by a commercial owner or tenant, as opposed to completing a space for residential use. The requirements of individual commercial fit-outs will vary depending on the particular requirements of the client who is using the space.


What is the difference between fit-out and interior design?Sketch of an office design

An office fit-out transforms the space so it can be used effectively as a space. This will mean different things in different contexts, from taking the shell of a building and transforming it into an office, or by adding extra elements to an existing space through partitions and kitchen spaces. 

Interior design is concerned with the details of the office layout, the use of space, furniture, natural light, green and other elements to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

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