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Tips for staying cool in the office

The Summer of 2022 has been one of the hottest on record. New highs were reached across the country, with the seasonal average staying steadily higher than historical averages. The impact of climate change is now being seen across the world and in the UK that’s going to mean changes to how we live, travel and work.

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Keeping cool at work

Because of our traditionally temperate climate, air conditioning hasn’t been a widespread feature of UK homes and offices. It’s rarely been necessary nor economical to run air conditioning in most British workplaces, but with rising temperatures, the need to keep cool is becoming more important.

Air conditioning itself is also coming under the spotlight due to its energy use and with companies keen to keep a lid on spiralling energy costs, it may not be a realistic option. 

High temperatures are uncomfortable and can reduce productivity, so keeping cool in the workplace is essential. So what can you do to stay cool in an office without air conditioning?

Dress appropriately

Rising temperatures may put an end to the traditional suit and office attire. A more casual, approach to dressing can make it easier to adjust to summer highs and is better suited to hybrid modes of working. While many companies will want to maintain certain dress standards, a more flexible approach can be more comfortable and can aid productivity. 

Stay hydrated

Offices frequently run on coffee and tea, but the caffeine in these drinks can increase heart rate and blood flow, and subsequently raise your body temperature. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Invest in a litre water bottle and keep it on your desk.

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Cool towels

Cool towels can be helpful when it comes to keeping cool. These are immersed in cold water and then pressed to leave it wet but not dripping. The cool towel is then pressed against the body, usually the neck or the forehead. The temperature differential between the user’s body and the towel transfers heat from the body to the towel. The heat is then lost through evaporation. This means that the cooling effect is more pronounced in environments where humidity is low.

Personal desktop solutions

In offices without air conditioning personal desktop solutions might be the answer. This can mean providing a small personal fan on each desk. The cooling power of personal fans can be increased when a glass of cold water is placed in front of them, 

How can office design help you keep cool?

Increasingly, office design is likely to play a part in helping to keep employees cool and productive. Ensuring good air flow circulation is vital, as well as paying attention to windows and how they are shaded. Not packing in too many desks and making sure that there is plenty of ventilation around electronic devices can reduce the impact of the heat they give off.

Cool offices are light and airy, with adjustable shade and good air circulation. Including green elements can also help to create a cooler, more natural environment.

As average temperatures increase more companies will be using office design to create cooler, more comfortable working spaces.

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