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The Marvel of Multi-Purpose Furniture

21st-century working practices are more flexible than ever. Office design and layout are constantly changing and evolving to suit these practices allowing for innovative furniture design and effective use of space. The days of dark, cramped, poorly thought-out offices are long gone. And with 3D space planning and a growing understanding of how our workspace influences our productivity. Office space can be optimised to achieve the maximum results.

Collaboration Office Furniture

The right office furniture helps to increase productivity

The right office furniture can play a big part in maximising productivity and helping to keep the workplace a happy place. Considering how people move around the space, where they need to get to during the course of a day and how they can access everything they need to do their job is vital. Ensuring that they’re physically comfortable is important, too. Sitting at a computer for hours is not natural for the human body, so furniture which supports the body is crucial. Employees who are distracted by physical discomfort are unlikely to be fully productive, so ergonomics needs to be a key element of your thinking.

Open plan, airy breakout area with some of our furniture installed.

Multi-purpose furniture helps to maximise space

Flexible, multi-purpose office furniture is a great solution when space is limited. Companies need to make the best use of space, keeping things as lean and agile as possible. Cumbersome older style furniture tends to be bulkier and less easily adapted; so, if your office design is currently restricted by the size and weight of your furniture, it might be time for a change.

Multi-purpose furniture offers a high degree of flexibility. Made from light, high-quality materials, they can stand a lot of wear and tear and can easily be moved around the office. This means that if you wish to change the layout of your office, move furniture or adapt the space, you won’t have to purchase new furniture – nor will you require outside assistance to move the furniture around. It allows you to experiment and try out different layouts until you find what works. Furniture such as this can play a part in different styles, such as resimercial office design.

It reflects changing working practices

The move towards more flexible types of working have gathered pace over the last few years. There’s greater use of freelance staff who may come into the office only periodically. Collaborative space is needed as colleagues come together to work on a shared project. Equally, there’s space required for people to work quietly and undisturbed on their own. Meeting all these different requirements can be a costly and complicated exercise. Multi-purpose furniture allows for greater flexibility and allows for quick transformations of the work environment. It enables even the smallest of office floor spaces to become an adaptable and responsive space.

Modern Co-Working Office Space

It saves money

The benefits add up to savings. Your company can save large amounts of money on total office re-design. It also helps you to shift and develop your working practices much more quickly and configure your office layout so that it can be easily be adapted to reflect changing ideas.

Furniture needs to support staff as they aim to be responsive to developing working practices. The ability to be agile and adaptive throughout the business should feed into profits.

Happy Rocking Chairs In Office

Multi-purpose furniture is the right solution for most companies

Agile, adaptive small and medium sized companies are the creative engines of the economy. Multi-purpose furniture is an ideal solution that allows for maximum comfort, increased versatility and the ability to adapt allowing staff, to get on with the task of growing the business.

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