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All About Resimercial Furniture

Flow Office is one of the UK’s leading specialists in intelligent, stylish, and functional office design. We create and refurbish office spaces and work environments while supplying a comprehensive range of office furniture.

We can handle complete office fit outs of all shapes and sizes, from complete redesigns to partial modernisations of your workspace, incorporating new furniture.

At Flow, we keep ahead of evolving trends and innovations. Over the last few years, resimercial furniture (residential and commercial) has grown in popularity. This combines office furniture with some of the comforts you might expect in home furnishings. Let’s explore the trend of resimercial in more detail.

modern resimercial office space

What is resimercial design?

We spend a significant amount of our lives at work and progressively, employees are demanding a more comfortable place to work. Resimercial design combines productivity with comfort, recognising that more comfortable work environments are usually happier places. This, in turn, leads to higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

Resimercial furniture reflects these priorities and is a critical feature of any office with resimercial design as its focus. Resimercial design will usually incorporate comfortable seating with durable upholstery. Spaces will be flexible, with soft ambient lighting. It may incorporate other residential inspired accessories such as rugs, lamps, and houseplants.

The choice of materials and accessories will create a sense of warmth and comfort. The resimercial approach is also designed to foster a more collaborative approach to working life where workplace wellbeing is prioritised.

At Flow, we are office design, furniture and interior specialists. We take a holistic approach to creating resimercial office spaces for our clients.

resimercial furniture office design

The rise of resimercial furniture

With the rise of remote working and more dispersed workforces, the distinction between home and the office has begun to blur. People now work from home in increasingly large and growing numbers, at least part of the week.

Office spaces have begun to reflect this shift by incorporating softer and more homely design. Resimercial design is now likely to be a key design priority over the coming years as companies seek to encourage staff into the workplace.

Chairs are being upholstered and made more comfortable for longer periods of time. Conference tables are doubling as informal dining tables. And sofas are being incorporated into the design to allow people to work on laptops.

These are just some of the changes that are happening.

Who uses resimercial furniture?

Until recently, resimercial approaches tended to be the preserve of more creative or tech-based industries where a flexible and relaxed working environment is common. Today, the comfort focused resimercial approach is having wider application as working practices change. Expectations of what an office will be like, not only for the people who work there but also for clients, is evolving at a pace.

It’s widely recognised that resimercial furniture makes a more comfortable and attractive environment for visitors as well as employees so it’s now becoming a high priority when it comes to office refurbs.

resimercial office desk design

Resimercial furniture from Flow Office

At Flow, we’re increasingly being asked to design workplaces with a more comfortable resimercial approach. Furniture is a crucial part of these designs, replacing more formal and utilitarian older furniture with resimercial options. Flow Office can supply all the resimercial furniture you need for your office.

Our comprehensive approach to office design means we can help you redesign your office to make it more comfortable and collaborative.

To find out more about our comprehensive office design and furniture services. call 01922 453 488 or email sales@flowoffice.co.uk today.

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