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Top 5 Benefits of Office Booths and Pods

Flow Office is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of design-led office furniture. We listen to your needs, then we seamlessly plan, build and install the office furniture, delivering your vision on time and on budget. Office pods and booths are increasingly popular with our clients.

What’s driving their popularity, and what benefits do they offer?

What Are Office Booths and Office Pods?

If you’re looking to create private space within an office, then office booths and pods might be the answer. These are modular structures that can be placed within a shared space, guaranteeing a minimum level of privacy.

This recreates the kind of environment where it’s possible to exchange ideas or hold short meetings with colleagues, visitors and customers. They can also provide space for independent work slightly removed from the general office hubbub. Office booths and office pods can be placed in office spaces to reflect the broader needs of the company.


What Are the Benefits of Office Booths and Office Pods?

Office pods and office booths deliver a range of benefits for staff, customers and office managers. These include…

Creating Privacy

Large numbers of workers say they need quiet, private spaces in which to work, but all too often, open-plan office spaces don’t provide them. Office pods and office booths make it easy to provide accessible private spaces that staff can use for particular tasks. It’s an easy way to create private spaces without the need for a huge office makeover with all of its associated costs and disruption.

Combating Excess Noise for Zoom Calls and More

Open plan office spaces can be noisy and distracting environments that many people find challenging to work in. Office booths and office pods will usually contain soundproofing elements and acoustic materials to help dampen and reduce noise. This makes them perfect for Zoom calls, Google Meets or Microsoft team meetings so that video conferencing calls can be carried out in private and with no outside interference.

In short, office pods can be a great place to retreat when you need to get work done in relative peace and quiet.


Allowing for Informal Meetings

Office pods and office booths bridge the gap between formal meeting rooms and open plan spaces. They offer a more intimate space than is found in an open-plan office, allowing for informal discussions and idea-sharing. They’re a more relaxed option than scheduling a formal meeting around a table in a fully separate room. They’re also great places for relaxed customer and client appointments.

Aiding Confidentiality

Sometimes work discussions, or pieces of work, need to be undertaken in private because of confidentiality aspects. Office pods can overcome confidentiality issues by providing soundproofed space for private discussions.

Providing a Simple and Affordable Solution

Office booths and office pods are simple to install and use, making them an affordable means by which to introduce private spaces into an open plan office without unnecessary upheaval and cost.


Office Pods and Office Booths from Flow Office

At Flow Office, we understand how to help our customers get the most from office pods and office booths. We create and refurbish office spaces and work environments while supplying a comprehensive range of office furniture to suit all tastes and requirements.

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