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Flow Noise-Reducing Panels for Acoustic Absorption

In many modern-day offices, particularly large open-plan spaces, noise pollution can be a serious problem. One solution to this problem is to have noise-proof meeting rooms, enclosed pods or other dedicated quiet spaces built into your office. Another solution is to use noise-reducing acoustic panels. These can be fitted on walls and ceilings and are ideal for absorbing extraneous sounds and enabling your employees to get on with their work with a minimum of distractions.

Flow Office acoustic panelling can control and reduce noise pollution in your office.

Unless they’re specifically designed to absorb noise, most hard surfaces tend to reflect sound waves, bouncing them back into the room and creating echoes that meld together to create an atmosphere of reverberating background noise that can be incredibly distracting and can make it extremely difficult to concentrate and hear what is actually being said.

Specifically designed to absorb noise and look great…

Flow noise reduction panels are designed to pull in and absorb sound energy, neutralising the unwanted sound and deadening the noise rather than transmitting it back into the room. They are ideal for the interiors of any office space and are particularly suited to conference, meeting and training rooms.

Made from designed for purpose acoustic foam that is then wrapped in fabric, Flow Acoustic Panels absorb an average of 85% of 1700hz noise. Strategic placement of these panels around your office space — not only on walls and ceilings, but also if necessary on partition walls and doors — results in a significant reduction of background noise, a noticeably calmer, quieter office space and a happier and more focused workforce.

Many acoustic absorption products are made from soft materials that may be effective, as they are inherently noise absorbent, but aesthetically are not always appropriate for modern offices. Flow offer tiles and panels made from robust and durable materials that also come in a range of colours and shapes, so that they fit in with your overall décor, creating beautiful as well as wholly practical noise pollution solutions.

Is noise pollution a problem in your office? Flow acoustic panels can be retrofitted within your existing office design or considered when having an office refit.

Flow Acoustic Panels are available in both 40 and 64 millimetre thicknesses as well as a range of different designs and colours, so that as well as reducing noise and transforming your office environment acoustically, you can also make an aesthetic statement, considerably brightening up your office space. Although they come in pre-cut shapes and sizes, Flow acoustic panels can also be cut to any size and shape specifications, made to suit your own individual requirements.

Not just for offices…

As well as being ideal for use in modern offices, Flow Acoustic Panels are also perfect for a variety of other environments where noise pollution can be a problem, including but not limited to the following:

  • recording studios
  • restaurants
  • listening rooms
  • churches
  • live auditoriums
  • reception areas

In short, if you have any environment that requires noise reduction, Flow can provide a wide selection of high quality acoustic absorption products at extremely affordable prices. We are also very happy to offer professional assistance with design to help you make the best possible acoustic use of your space.

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