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How Project Tables Benefit Your Office

Intelligent office design requires the correct choice of furniture. Your choice of furniture not only helps to support your chosen work patterns, but it can also aid creativity and increase productivity. Flow Office use computer-aided design to create drawings of your office space with each member of the staff’s office furniture requirements in mind.

As well as individual desks and workstations, elements such as project tables can help aid creativity and facilitate more collaborative ways of working. Project tables help to bridge the gap between more formal meeting room tables and individual workstations, providing space for collaboration.

Business Executive Meeting Around Project Table

What is a project table?

A project table is a table where people can gather to work collaboratively. It differs from a meeting room table in that it goes further than just being a space for meetings. People will work together at the table, with different employees coming together at different times to work in correlation with each other.

It’s a place where diverse roles and teams can work on the same project, with different project members working together and others working independently, perhaps with scheduled collaboration at different times. They add an extra element to the overall office design, making alternative ways of working possible and removing some of the barriers to better collaboration.

What size is a project table?

Project tables can come in a range of different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for varying size teams and projects, with different requirements. Small tables perhaps suitable for two or three people can be used in a wide shared office space, or larger project tables for a bigger team might be located in a separate space altogether.

Smaller modular tables can be brought together to provide adequate space for larger groups, and then separated for smaller sub-groups to work intensively together. Project tables fulfil a vital function in workplaces where they make teamwork easier and encourage creative thinking, helping people come out of their professional silos to achieve better results.

Team Meeting Around Project Table

Who uses project tables?

Project tables are used in any office where collaborative working is essential. They enable people with different roles and from contrasting professional backgrounds to work together on shared goals. They are particularly useful in creative environments, where creative professionals can come together to develop ideas and work together.

They are also used regularly for larger logistical projects where different disciplines are required to reach end goals.

Project tables are often used in educational and training settings for collaborative work.

In short, project tables are useful in any environment where collaborative working towards a shared purpose or end goal is taking place.

Project tables from Flow Office

At Flow Office, we work with our clients to provide office design and office furniture solutions that meet their exact needs. We help organisations become more efficient and productive and project tables play a key role in achieving this.

Whatever kind of project table you’re considering we can help you find the optimal solution for your space.

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