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Why a boardroom shouldn’t be a ‘bored’ room

Although boardrooms are heavily associated with big decisions, seriousness and even conflict, there are many things you can do to make your space a prosperous and productive environment that exudes positivity. The character of a boardroom is generally determined by factors such as the design and décor, and if the overall feel of your space is drab and uninspiring, this can have an extremely negative impact on your business.

Ideas, creativity and collaboration

Boardrooms are places where businesses are driven forward, ideas are shared and creativity can blossom. When the décor and design are chosen carefully, the boardroom environment can be incredibly inspiring.

Many companies have opted to rethink their boardrooms around themes – iconic cities being a good example. Adding images of prestigious, inspirational and exciting destinations such as Paris, New York, London and Milan can add a sense of dynamism and style.

Whether you choose a theme or not, one of the best things you can do is to ensure the mood in your boardroom is a positive and welcoming one.

Embrace digital communication

It’s vital your boardroom is well equipped with suitable technology to support effective communication and collaboration in your meetings. A video conferencing system will enable people who cannot attend a meeting in person to still join in remotely. An integrated presentation screen and speakers are helpful if your meetings often involve viewing slides, images or videos. And, basic access to power sockets and Wi-Fi should be the norm. We can help you select the appropriate technology for your business and seamlessly integrate this into your boardroom.

Why not add a break area?

Many business meetings are lengthy and participants can often feel fatigued after a while. It’s increasingly common for companies to add break areas within, or next to, the boardroom. This enables attendees to take five and return to the discussion feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and enthusiastic about contributing. Comfort is incredibly important and it can be worth investing a little extra in chairs and tables, so participants don’t become distracted due to feeling uncomfortable.

Add colour and vibrancy

Boardrooms have historically been associated with dark and dull colours, but why not opt for something bright and vibrant instead? Artwork , plants and flowers can add splashes of colour and be inspiring. Incorporating as much natural light into the space as possible will help it feel fresh. Whiteboards can also enhance the collaboration process and help people get their ideas across more effectively.

Making meetings fun

Boardrooms don’t need to be intimidating, and they certainly don’t need to be boring. By reinventing your boardroom, you can add life, creativity and positivity to the space and make meetings something to look forward to as opposed to a means to an end. You could even hold a meeting to decide what your new boardroom should look and feel like in order to create a space that appeals to all concerned. Your employees may suggest ideas that you would have never thought of before.

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