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How to Choose Your Office Furniture

The right choice of furniture can enhance the appearance of an office, creating a more attractive and functional environment for staff and visitors alike. Flow Office offers a comprehensive range of office furniture to suit the broadest range of tastes, design preferences and particular requirements. Using Computer-Aided Design Technology, we fine-tune a furniture layout that works best for each space.

What kind of office furniture is available and how do you choose the right furniture for your specific requirements?

What Types of Furniture Are Available?

There is a very wide range of different office furniture options available. Here is just a quick snapshot…

With most companies now offering hybrid working, permanently fixed desks are a thing of the past with hot desks being favoured within the office environment.

Mobile furniture is currently on-trend, meaning storage, tables, and desks can be reconfigured to create new zones within the office layout.

Office pods are an increasing feature of working life. These are almost entirely self-contained spaces that can give the solitary worker a private working environment. It removes the individual from the noise and distraction of the rest of the office.

Diverse Office Meeting Pods

Desks, tables and workstations for the main office space are essential. These can range hugely in design and scale, allowing for a single occupation, or for people to gather such as you might find in a meeting room.

Call centre staff fulfil a vital role in our economy but are often undervalued. To promote wellbeing and aid staff retention, call centre furniture should be comfortable as well as functional.

Boardroom furniture needs to be practical and set the right tone for the style of meetings held there.

Reception furniture needs to be attractive and inviting, creating that all-important great first impression for your clients and visitors.

Similar to R-02, this reception features structural columns which shapes the layout of this reception area.

Due to Covid-19, furniture that enables social distancing while making the best possible use of the available space has become increasingly important, along with screen guards and temporary hygiene promoting options such as foldable desk screens.

Office furniture designers and manufacturers are always quick to respond to new challenges, with extra attention now being paid to comfort, safety, durability and design.

Why Is It so Important to Get the Right Office Furniture?

It’s crucial to choose the right office furniture for your business. From office pods to meeting room desks, reception furniture and more relaxed furniture for breakout spaces, the range of options available is vast.

The right choice of furniture increases employer wellbeing and aids productivity, as well as improves the functionality, storage capacity and overall appearance of your office.

Breakout areas image 2

How Do You Choose the Right Furniture for Your Office?

To begin, think about the space you have available and how it is used. Pay attention to how people move through the space and the physical aspects of any furniture they might require.

What Sort of Furniture Do People Need in Order to Carry out Their Job?

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) can help you better understand your space and work out how best to incorporate everything you need. Office furniture will play a determining role in how your office looks, so it’s important to consider issues such as design and ergonomics.

Quality also matters. Poorly constructed, cheaper furniture is unlikely to be as durable as furniture made from better quality materials to higher design standards so it pays to do your homework. It can be a false economy to go cheap and skimp on what you truly need.

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Office Furniture from Flow Office

At Flow Office, we work with our clients to find the optimal office furniture options for their office layout and employee needs, while maximising their design impact.

Our office furniture interiors are functional, fabulous and totally flexible. We work with the best office furniture manufacturers in the industry to provide sustainable, high-quality furniture for our clients.

To find out more about our approach to office furniture call 01922 453 488 or email today.

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