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A Quick Guide to Resimercial Workspaces

There’s a new buzzword in office design that you may have heard doing the rounds, but is it more than just a mere trend. Here we take a quick look at the new world of resimercial workspaces.

The coming together of residential and commercial is a result of the work-from-home revolution that has taken place since the advent of the personal computer. Whether you’re working all day from home or you’re just catching up with a bit of work out of hours, there is every chance you’re doing so at the kitchen table, in front of the TV or even in bed. As a result of this, the lines between home life and work life have become increasingly blurred and this lack of distinction has gradually crept into our office spaces.

So what exactly is Resimercial Design?

In a nutshell, resimercial design brings the feeling of home into the workplace, by transporting the qualities of residential furniture and layout into the office. So, think less corporate sterility, and more living room comfort.

The primary aim of resimercial design and furnishing is to transform the workspace into a comfortable and welcoming environment. This is something that today’s employees are demanding in increasingly larger numbers , particularly the enormous numbers of millennials working in today’s offices. And modern companies are increasingly happy to oblige, with giant tech-based companies such as Google, Microsoft and Uber investing heavily in resimercial design. As far as these companies are concerned, going resimercial results in happier employees, which means greater staff retention, heightened creativity and increased productivity.

How do you bring resimercial design into your office space?

You have to remember that not everybody’s home environment is the same, so the trick to effective resimercial office design is often to keep it fairly general, but to focus on certain common residential factors:

  • Keep it Comfortable. Comfort is the driving force of resimercial design. If you can, try to offer a number of different spaces that cater to the different tastes of your workforce. Concentrate though on keeping each space comfortable and characterful, providing areas that facilitate communication and collaboration, as well as offering secluded, quiet spaces where staff can become immersed in their work as easily as if they were wrapped up in a duvet at home.
  • Keep it Durable. Most home furniture isn’t designed for the amount of use enjoyed and endured by office furniture. As a result, furniture manufacturers are now producing residential-style furniture with commercial staying power. Make sure you check for durability before you invest in new office furnishings.
  • Keep it Ambient. The most important aspect of resimercial design is the overall feel of the environment. When you’re at home, you feel like you’re at home — you feel comfortable enough to slip off your shoes and pour yourself a glass of wine. You may not want to go quite that far at the office, but then again, maybe you will. The important thing is that your employees feel at ease. This ambience can be further achieved by looking at things like lighting, décor and temperature.

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