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How Does Office Space Planning Work?

There’s more to office space planning than ensuring that office furniture, equipment, resources, and most importantly, people, all physically fit into your workspace. It’s also about thinking creatively about how space is used, and how it can be adapted to create a productive, creative and comfortable space that adds value to your business.

Superficially looking at your office design and thinking about how it’s going to be laid out is unlikely to ensure the very best use of space. Instead, you need to think systematically, bearing in mind a range of different factors.

At Flow, we’re experts when it comes to office space planning. We use a combination of the smartest technology and our unrivalled depth of experience to deliver outstanding results for our clients.


How to Plan Office Space

Any office planning exercise needs to begin with how you use your current space. How does the space meet your expectations of what you need, or how do you think it should be used? For instance, how many meeting rooms do you really need compared to what you previously presumed you needed?

Then you need to define your needs in more detail by looking at how your business operates and what you require in order to function. What do you need to achieve with your space, how will people work together, how many people use the office, and what’s required in terms of social space?

Then think how much room is needed for you to fit in everything you require without creating clutter and a poor working environment? Your office space floor plan needs to take into account the wellbeing of everyone who works there. If you’re planning how best to layout a totally new office space then the considerations will be different, but the same degree of careful attention to detail needs to be taken.


Don’t Struggle With Office Design Alone

Professional office space planners know how to best maximise your available space ensuring that key requirements are met and that compromises are kept to a minimum. They will use a variety of tools to help reconfigure existing offices and plan new ones. Technology is increasingly making the planning of new offices much easier than it used to be.

Office space planning services take a systematic and thorough approach to office planning, drawing on a depth of experience and industry knowledge. Anyone currently in the process of planning their new office space can save themselves time and potential inconvenience by using a professional office space planning service.

3D Office Space Planning

One game-changing piece of technology in creating new office layouts is 3D space planning. This ensures that no time is wasted at achieving the optimal design for your new workspace. Computer-aided design software can show you what your new office will look like with just a few clicks of a mouse.


Office Space Planning and Design Birmingham

The team at Flow Office are the experts when it comes to office space design and planning. Based in Aldridge, we create functional, flexible and fabulous office designs for our growing client list.

We work closely with our clients, ensuring that every last detail is taken care of and that the end result meets their requirements while exceeding their expectations.

If you’re in the process of planning a new office space then we’d love to hear from you. Why not call 01922 453 488 or email to find out more about how we work?

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