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Industrial Design Ideas for Your Office

Head over to Instagram and you’ll see that industrial design for offices has significantly evolved over recent years, with the likes of Google, Twitter and Facebook adapting the look for their offices across the world.

Massively popular, this hot trend contrasts the man-made with the natural, sharp edges and functionality with organic, to create balanced and harmonious workspaces that ooze cool.

But not just that. It’s also a design scheme that is said to foster productivity and creative thinking, whilst taking care of the needs of the individual worker.

That’s why this office design trend looks set to stick around for many more years to come.

Here are ten industrial design ideas that you can use in your own office.

Make an excellent first impression

Add small features such as comfortable cushions and seating, plants and functional lighting to your lobby and reception area to bring a sense of comfort and boost professionalism.

Also, consider opening up designated areas for impromptu meetings and other informal collaboration wherever possible.

Showcase your brick walls

Exposed brick walls are a key feature in industrial office design that coordinates effortlessly with a variety of interiors.

Simple yet stylish, they are very cost-effective and lift the overall design scheme of the space.

Bear in mind that space can feel dark if an exposed brick is used on all walls, so stick to just one or two brick walls and add brightly coloured feature walls and greenery to the rest of the room.

Use greenery

With wellness taking centre stage as a key office design trend for 2020, plants and other types of greenery continue to grow in popularity.

Boosting air quality, improving productivity and also helping to promote staff wellness, they bring a splash of colour into the space and soften the industrial edges of the design.

Use larger plants as a feature in the office space or enrich your greenery by grouping several together.

Distress your paintwork

Although it doesn’t work for all business sectors, distressed paint is a stylish effect that adds a retro feel and makes the item look preloved.

It’s an excellent touch for creative offices and industries such as design but should be used with caution in other areas where formality is key.

Avoid using the effect throughout the space but use sparingly as a feature effect for best results.

Combine wooden and metal furniture

The industrial look is all about using a combination of rough-hewn wood and highly functional metal pieces, used as required in your design scheme.

Recycled office furniture can add a great touch, as can seating and tables made from organic shapes and sliced into functional pieces.

Bring metal features such as metal table legs, frames or other details and you can effectively balance the natural and the industrial to suit your needs.

Expose those pipes and utilities

Allow the building’s history to shine and add industrial chic by leaving your pipes and utilities exposed.

This adds an unusual focal point to the room that can be used as part of the overall design scheme. For example, you can echo any metallic shades with other office fixtures and fittings.

Go simple with the floor

Although often neglected, your office’s choice of flooring is key to creating an overall industrial look.

Wherever you can, use the building’s original hardwood, keeping it natural and simply adding a high gloss finish to protect and polish the surface.

Alternatively, mixing laminates with carpets is bang on trend and will give you a strong look. Using carpets that replicate concrete or stone with moss, neutral colours work well, as well as laminates that replicate wood, stone or concrete.

This can be a very simple and cost-effective way of creating an industrial feel to your space.

Brighten up your feature walls

Divide up the different office zones and workspaces by using feature wall and wooden room dividers.

If your ceiling allows it, leave space at the top to provide maximum airflow and promote both wellness and productivity.

Consider which colours work for your office interior, then paint in a solid complimentary colour such as white, grey and black, or brighter shades.

Add branding and words of inspiration

Many leading office designs use their open wall space to feature their company logos or words of inspiration.

This can contrast well with the overall industrial feel of the room, add a sense of creativity and provide a great showcase for company philosophy.

Choose bespoke lighting designs

Lighting is key when adding industrial design features to your office space.

Over-the-top options like chandeliers and retro lighting in brass or aluminium work well, as well as cleverly layered functional lighting.

Consider how you want your lighting to shape the ambience of the room, then design accordingly.

Industrial office design has continued to evolve over previous years with designs in 2020 combining functionality with the natural, business productivity with individual wellness and professionalism with comfort.

This creates a well-balanced space which meets the needs of the business and the workforce and makes it a must-have for the decade to come.

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