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Office Design Trends 2022

Office design is always innovating. At Flow Office, we keep abreast of emerging trends, looking to incorporate the best into our designs for the benefit of our clients. Based in Birmingham, we offer a complete design and fitting service right across the UK. We’re responding to some of the radical changes taking place in the world of work and office design that has emerged over the past couple of years.

What are those changes and what trends are likely to dominate over the coming 12 months?

Office design after the pandemic

With hope growing that 2022 will see the world move beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, no sector has been left untouched by its impact. Pre-pandemic requirements and assumptions about office size and design have been challenged, with the pandemic ushering in a new era in how we think about offices.

Offices are no longer the place where every employee travels to every day but are instead centres of a flexible and dispersed workforce. Flexible working patterns look like they’re here to stay with hybrid working becoming the norm. This means that the average office won’t need to accommodate quite as many people. While this may mean that some firms scale back the size of their offices, others are adapting to use their space more creatively.


Comfortable offices

With people now used to working from home the expectations about the comfort levels within the workplace has increased. Some of the trends being talked about this year include office furniture and elements such as plush carpets, more comfortable seating, warm lighting and curtains. Creating that home from home feel.

Green and natural elements such as indoor plants have been an emerging trend for a number of years and are likely to continue to be so this year. The aim is to make the office a softer, less rigid space where people want to spend more time.

Comfortable Office Space

Going hybrid

Office space will be more geared to a fluctuating and agile workforce, with workspaces such as benches and office booths that respond to changing numbers. Rather than the old open-plan layout of the past, new settings will be needed that can scale up and down with ease.

Office interiors may need to be integrated with an online booking system that enables a dispersed workforce to book space when it’s needed. In short, offices may come to resemble more flexible working environments such as co-working spaces for freelancers.


Keep it sustainable

Concern for sustainability has long preceded the pandemic. The use of sustainable materials, more natural lighting and energy efficiency are now being factored into office design.

The human element of workplace sustainability will be a key focus. This involves specific strategies and goals to preserve and improve the quality of life for people in the office. This covers a multitude of subjects including biophilic design, breakout and ‘decompression’ spaces, paperless offices, recycling and the use of solar panels or other renewable energy sources in building design.

Sustainability is a huge topic in the office design and interiors industry so you can expect this to be high on the agenda for 2022.

Women in Sustainable Office Design

Leading office design for the new era

These three big themes are likely to dominate office design trends during 2022. At Flow Office design, we’re working with our clients to ensure their office space is fit for purpose as we enter a new era. We create the optimum layout for your space, use the highest quality office furniture and give your business a whole new face.

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