How Good Office Design Helps Recruit & Retain Employees

How good office design helps you recruit and retain talented employees

Great office design can play a pivotal role in helping you attract and keep hold of the most talented team members. Replacing employees can be very costly and time-consuming, which is why companies tend to do all they can to keep hold of their most talented staff for as long as possible. Various studies carried out over the years support the claim that the work environment influences and attracts potential team members just as much as salaries and other benefits, so it really shouldn’t be ignored.

Cut stress and increase morale

When you create a positive, aesthetically-pleasing and highly functional work environment, you can reduce stress, enhance wellbeing and encourage talented employees to stay with you for longer – it’s as simple as that. It’s also not surprising to find that employees are more likely to accept a job offer if they are impressed by the workplace facilities.

Stand out from the competition

If you want to attract the right kind of employees, you’ll want a workspace that impresses applicants and helps you stand out from competitors. The most appealing workplaces in the world today tend to have an intelligent layout, with both private workspaces and collaboration areas, along with a good choice of seating options, breakout areas and space for moving around. Interesting décor, uplifting colours and comfortable, stylish furnishings are all elements that create an attractive workplace too.

Need to attract talented millennials?

Tech-savvy millennials are becoming more and more attractive to employers, which is why it pays to go the extra mile to win them over. Young professionals are more likely to expect an eco-friendly and responsible business culture. They may be attracted by offerings of onsite amenities, from gyms to games rooms. You can encourage them to want to spend more time in the office by providing features such as coffee stations, couches and furnishings that create a comfortable home from home environment.

Why Flow?

At Flow Office, we have many years of experience behind us when it comes to designing and implementing modern office spaces that help our clients retain their staff for longer. We can make your office environment happier, more productive and more profitable. We can supply stylish, ergonomic office furniture to suit every environment that keeps your team comfortable, prevents pain and fatigue and will keep them on their toes – especially if you opt for stand-up desks!

At Flow, we have robust relationships with some of the industry’s most sought after and respected designers and manufacturers who can provide stylish, ultra-modern pods, desks, cluster units and extendable workstations. We will help you select options that will work best for your environment, business and budget.

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